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  • Iridian PCR Filters

    Iridian, the leader in optical filter solutions, now offers ultra performance filters specially designed for Real Time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) applications. Our standard filter solutions are compatible with common excitation sources and fluorophores but we specialize in customized filter solutions. The ultra PCR fluorescence filter sets are designed to provide a high signal-to-noise ratio of the probes contained in Real-Time PCR samples when illuminated with a LED light source.

    Iridian’s emission, excitation and dichroic filters provide more signal with less background to the fluorescence instrument users and OEMs.

    Dichroic filters


    • Tx >95% average for the passband
    • Reflection >97% over the reflection range
    • AOI: 45 +/- 2 degrees; CHA (cone half angle) 5 degrees
    • Edge Steepness < 1% (10%T – 90%T)
    • Wavelength Range: 350-850 nm
    • Custom sizing available
    FluorochromeFilter Name
    FAM ChannelPCR 505nm DLP
    HEX ChannelPCR 550nm DLP
    ROX ChannelPCR 590nm DLP
    Cy5 ChannelPCR 647nm DLP
    Cy5.5 ChannelPCR 700nm DLP

    HEX/VIC/JOE Channel:
    EX Filter: 530-20nm; Dichroic: 550DLP; EM Filter: 565-22nm


    Excitation and Emission Filters


    • Tx >95% average for the passband
    • Blocking > OD6 outside passband
    • AOI: 0 – 5 degrees; CHA 5 degrees
    • Edge Steepness < 0.5% (50%Tmax – OD5)
    • Wavelength Range: 350-850 nm
    • Custom sizing available
    FluorochromeFilter Name
    FAM Channel470-30nm EX /520-20nm EM
    HEX Channel530-20nm EX/565-22nm EM
    ROX Channel570-20nm EX/615-40nm EM
    Cy5 Channel630-20nm EX/665-20nm EM
    Cy5.5 Channel685-20nm EX/725-40nm EM
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