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  • Telecom Applications

    Iridian has a long history as a leading global supplier of custom optical filters for the telecommunications industry and provides telecom filters at competitive prices from prototype to high volumes. Leveraging our world class design and manufacturing capabilities we can consistently provide the best filter solution for your packaged filter product.

    Iridian provides a complete range of telecom filters for all of your component design requirements for a wide range of telecom applications including:

    Wavelength Multiplexing and De-Multiplexing

    Multi-wavelength transport in optical fibers for telecom, cable and wireless backbone (LTE and 5G) applications).

    CWDM Product Line

    DWDM Product Line

    Optical Amplification/Gain Flattening

    Required to equalize DWDM channel strengths after optical amplification

    GFF Product Line

    Laser Wavelength Stabilization (C-, L- and U-Bands)

    For wavelength identification and wavelength locking applications


    Single Cavity Filters

    Linear Transmittance Filters

    Pulse Dispersion Compensation

    For 40 and 100 Gbit/s optical network to restore optical pulse shape

    Dispersion Compensating Etalons

    Fiber-to-the-Home/Business (FTTx)

    High-speed Ethernet access for homes and businesses

    FTTx Product Line

    Fiber Line Monitoring

    Special fiber wavelengths used to monitor signal performance

    Tap Couplers and BeamSplitting Filters

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