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  • DWDM Filters


    Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) filters multiplex and de-multiplex wavelength signals in high speed optical networks. The DWDM filters are evenly spaced on an ITU grid ranging from 1525 to 1640 nm. Iridian supplies a number of standard and custom DWDM bandpass and edge filters.

    Single band filters are used to transmit a single DWDM channel and reflect other DWDM channels. Edge pass filters are used for wavelength band separation or optical add-drop multiplexing (OADM) is required.
    Multi-channel separation filters DWDM 2skip0, 4skip0, 6skip0, and 8skip filters are also available.

    Iridian’s edge pass filters have a very sharp transition between reflect and pass bands while still maintaining very low insertion loss and low passband ripple.

    Iridian can custom design and manufacture these filters to your specifications if the standard spec is not desirable for your applications.

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    GraphCWL [nm]Pass Bandwidth [nm]Adjacent Channel Isolation [dB]Product
    Long Pass Filter C-L Band Splitter4.11569.3 - 1640>25Long Pass Filter C-L Band Splitter
    LPF 150215021501.4 - 1631>25LPF 1502
    SPF 152115211420 - 1521>30SPF 1521
    LPF 152815281528 - 1628>20LPF 1528
    Short Pass Filter C-L Band Splitter1528.4 - 16201528.4 - 1565.9>30Short Pass Filter C-L Band Splitter
    DWDM 12s2-1538.1951538.1959.2-DWDM 12s2-1538.195
    SPF 15381538.1951457 - 1538.5>30SPF 1538
    DWDM 8s0-1539.371539.375.92-DWDM 8s0-1539.37
    SPF 154515451525 - 1546.08>30SPF 1545
    DWDM 12s1-1550.531550.539.1-DWDM 12s1-1550.53
    DWDM 8s1-1559.391559.395.9-DWDM 8s1-1559.39
    LPF 159015901590 - 1651>30LPF 1590

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