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  • Custom Filters

    Iridian specializes in providing custom filter solutions for a wide range of applications. Our in house design software, multiple fully automated coating platforms and 20 years’ experience dealing with a wide range of applications allows us to optimize your filter performance and cost for your product.

    Iridian applies the knowledge and unique design and process toolset gained from supporting customers in markets ranging from Telecom, to 3D cinema, and Space when designing your solution. With our wide range of in house process capabilities, including specialized high volume inspection and testing systems, environmental test facilities and Class 1000 clean room for photolithography we support our customer’s product development from prototype to production volumes.

    Our thin film dielectric filters are deposited using energetic sputtering, ensuring a hard durable, environmentally stable coating from the visible to the MWIR (300nm to 10um). The resulting filters also have exceptionally high transmittance levels and blocking, providing the highest signal with the lowest background for your application.

    Some of our capabilities for custom solutions include:


    • Multizone filters ( MZF) offering spatially varying spectral performance
      • patterned by photolithography?
      • assembled from separate optical filter components (butcher-block)
      • Multi-band filters providing multiple bandpass or notch functionality in a single coating
      • Sputtered SWIR-LWIR (1.6-10 um) optical filters (ARs, beam splitters, edge and bandpass filters)


    • Coating and processing of Si, Ge? and sapphire substrates
      • Large area, highly uniform filters: up to 150 mm
      • Solid etalon filters (SEF)
      • Linear transmission filters (LTF)
      • Custom wavelength selective beam-splitter cubes/prisms


    Our solutions offer:


    • High transmission in the bandpass region?
    • Accurate center wavelength control and uniformity
    • Low passband IL and ripple
    • Narrow bandpass< <1nm
    • Steep slopes from full transmission to full blocking
    • Blocking >OD6 (60dB)
    • Wide blocking ranges
    • CWL at any wavelength from the UV to the mid IR (~300 nm to 10 μm)


    Contact Us for Your Custom Filters Requirements >