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  • Edge Filters

    Iridian specializes in providing custom Edge filter solutions for a wide range of applications. Our in house design software, multiple process options and 20 years’ experience dealing with a wide range of applications allow you to optimize your Short pass filter( SPF) and Long Pass filter (LPF) performance and cost for your needs.

    Our filters are all deposited using energetic sputtering, ensuring a hard durable, environmentally stable coating. The resulting filters also have exceptionally high transmittance levels and blocking from the visible to the MWIR (300nm to 10um).? We partner with you from prototype to volume production to support you and the success of your business.

    Iridian’s Edge filters offer:

    • High transmission in the bandpass region- typically greater than 95%
    • Accurate wavelength control and uniformity
    • Low passband IL and ripple
    • Steep slopes from full transmission to full blocking
    • Blocking >OD6 (60dB)
    • Wide blocking ranges
    • CWL at any wavelength from the UV to the mid IR (~340nm to 10 μm)


    We also offer a wide range of standard Edge pass filters available for immediate purchase online.


    Contact Us for Your Edge Filters Requirements >