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  • CWDM 2×0 Comb Filter

    Iridian now offers CWDM comb filters. Comb filters are alternating pass/reflect band of a given channel spacing (2x0 or 1x0). These comb filters provide CWDM module designers more options in minimizing packaging cost and size. The standard bandwidth of the pass/reflect channels is 15nm with a transmission isolation greater than 15 dB and a reflection isolation greater than 13 dB

    For further information on Iridian's CWDM comb filters, please Contact us.

    Product Specifications:

    Optical Specifications
    Channel Spacing [nm] 20
    Angle of Incidence [degrees] 1.8
    Operating Wavelength Range [nm] 1260 to 1650
    Pass Band Ripple [dB] < 0.2
    Pass Bandwidth
    Bandwidth [nm]@ level [dB]
    Pass Band Range Alternating 2x0 starting at channels 1310 and 1330
    Peak Insertion Loss within Pass Band [dB] < 0.2
    Reflection Band Wavelength Range [nm] Alternating 2x0 starting at channels 1270 and 1290
    Reflect Bandwidth
    Bandwidth [nm]@ level [dB]
    Adjacent Channel Isolation [dB] > 15
    Reflect Channel Isolation [dB] > 13
    AR on Back Surface [%R] < 0.2
    Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) [dB] < 0.1
    Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) [ps] < 0.1
    Temperature Coefficient [pm/deg C] < 2
    Operating Temperature Range [deg C] -40 to +85
    Storage Temperature Range [deg C] -40 to +85
    Environmental Testing Telecordia GR1221
    Mechanical Durability Telecordia GR1221
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