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      DWDM 12s1-1550.53

      Iridian’s DWDM 4skip0, 8skip0 and 12skip1 filters are used in mux/demux and add/drop modules, for band splitting to manage multiple ITU channels. These filters feature narrow transitions from pass band to blocking band minimizing lost channels while maintaining high spectral efficiency. Iridian’s xskip0 filters are used in order to improve the insertion loss on the express channels, in band-separation (i.e., 8-skip-0 filters) and to separate N channels (N=4, 8, 12…), by blocking multiple wavelengths from multiplexed signals. With this configuration, the express channels undergo only one reflection, so that the insertion loss is greatly improved leading to a reduction in total system cost.

      Product Specifications:

      Optical Specifications
      Angle of Incidence [degrees] 1.8
      AR on Back Surface [%R] 0.25
      Center Wavelength [nm] 1550.53
      Pass Bandwidth
      Bandwidth [nm]@ level [dB]
      Peak Insertion Loss within Pass Band [dB] 0.2
      Reflect Band Range
      Wavelength Range [nm]@ level [dB]
      Storage Temperature Range [deg C] -45 to 85
      Temperature Coefficient [pm/deg C] 1.5
      Physical Specifications
      Part Size
      Width [mm]Length [mm]Thickness [mm]
      Scratch / Dig 60/40
      Environmental Testing Telcordia
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