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  • Single Cavity Etalons

    The graph shows four different single cavity (SC) filters with different bandwidths centered at a wavelength of 1565 nm. The SC is typically used in telecom applications for wavelength locking on the C- and L-band DWDM ITU grid.

    In general, single cavity etalon filters can be manufactured for any wavelength in the 350 to 2500 nm range with Full-Width Half Maximum (FWHM) from 0.02 to 10 nm or higher.

    For further information on single cavity filters, please contact us.

    Product Specifications:

    Optical Specifications
    Channel Center Wavelength [nm] 250 to > 2500 nm, as required
    Angle of Incidence [degrees] 0
    Bandwidth @ -3 dB [nm] 0.02 to > 20 nm, as required
    Maximum Insertion Loss [dB] 1.4
    AR on Back Surface [%R] < 0.2
    Operating Temperature Range [deg C] -10 to 75
    Storage Temperature Range [deg C] -40 to 85
    Physical Specifications
    Part Size
    Width [mm]Length [mm]Thickness [mm]
    3 (+/- 0.1)3 (+/- 0.1)0.9 (+/- 0.1)
    Environmental Testing Telecordia GR1221
    Mechanical Durability Telecordia GR1221
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