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  • Environmental and Mechanical Durability Testing

    Iridian?has been accorded Telcordia qualification under the Telcordia Group Requirements (GR)-1221-CORE and (GR)- 1209-CORE certification for passive optical components.? Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209 are internationally recognized, objective, third party validations of the telecom industry’s highest level of reliability.? Achievement of these qualifications demonstrates the company’s commitment toward superior product quality, reliability and engineering excellence.

    Telcordia Group Requirements (GR)-1221-CORE and (GR)- 1209-CORE refer to a collection of US Military Standard Specifications that are specific to cosmetic, environmental and mechanical testing of optical coatings. Please see references in the table below.

    Type of Testing US Military Standard Document
    Visual Inspection / Cosmetic TestingMIL-PRF-13830
    Environmental TestingMIL-STD-810F & MIL-STD-883
    Durability TestingMIL-C-48497A
    AR CoatingsMIL-C-675C